Cohort 21

Aqilah Richardson

Before I joined Green City Force (GCF), I felt like my life was going nowhere. I dropped out of college and had trouble finding work. After reading a flyer posted in the lobby of my building I immediately became interested. My GCF journey started with an information session with one of the recruiters. It was a long, tedious process joining Cohort 21 and on several occasions I even thought about quitting. But I chose to push through it all and now I can honestly say that Green City Force has changed my life for the better. Through this program I have developed a stronger work ethic. This program has taught me to reach my full potential. I am better prepared for the professional world and I now have better chances of success. I am proud to have had the opportunity to serve my community, promoting environmental awareness and food justice for all. This has been an experience that I will never forget.

Graduate Gallery