Cohort 25

Antonio Gonzalez

Green City Force is a safe and comfortable learning environment. This program allows one to gain entry level skills in agriculture and other labor focused jobs. GFC to me is a community, a program that really inserts itself into developments to provide and assist Corps Members with gaining some ground in the career they want to pursue. I chose this program to gain agricultural skills and because I wanted to place myself in a position where I could help others as well. Before GCF I was in a janitorial position and it wasn’t what I wanted for myself, I wanted more. The most important thing I’ve learned at GCF is teamwork. Teamwork is what has allowed each site to develop crops, build bonds, and get work done to provide for families. I want to thank my team, this would be a very long read if it showed my full appreciation for everyone but I had a great time and I’m glad to have shown up for Mariners throughout my service term. I’m appreciative of every other member even if we didn’t speak much or interact that often, I was appreciative of everyone in the space. And Steve, my guy, I’m glad to have been part of this opportunity to gain experience and work on my next steps.

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