Cohort 25

Anthony Royal Jr.

Green City Force means things can be tough but with a little bit of help everything gets a whole lot better. I chose to join GCF because I wanted to better myself as a person and find myself through the difficult time I was going through and it sometimes added to the fire, but in the end it helped me understand myself further. If I’m being honest, before I joined the entire 2022 I was sitting around depressed waiting for something I thought I deserved but soon realized I had to work for it, and gaining something without working for it is ultimately unrewarding. I learned I could push myself even further than what I thought I could and throughout the service term there were a lot of ups and downs but I pushed through them. I would love to thank Israel, Steve, Hakim, Dwyane, my entire team and my brothers Jose and Colin for believing in me throughout the service term. They really helped me out in bad times. And without them I wouldn’t be able to push through all I do. I can really count on them.

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