Cohort 12

Angel Gonzalez

Green City Force has been a huge experience for me. The journey that I went through serving these 10 months has been life changing. Through the staff and through my team members, in Green City Force I’ve learned so much that will help me in my life. Learning about how powerful unity can be, and speaking your mind is. Learning about things like the many movements that are happening now and the movements that changed the way many of us live today, and how there are people out there who want to make a change in this world. From learning about urban farming and growing crops, IPM to GPRO, and even learning a few things about myself, I’ve become a better person and will take all the knowledge I’ve gained from GCF with me into the real world. The knowledge I gained from Green City Force has made me better, and I will use this information in my life to help me reach all my goals. GCF opened my eyes to so much more of what is going on in this world, and they showed me that if you want change, the change is going to have to start with you. What I want to do right after GCF is go back to school, learn as much as I can, and follow my career dreams while working a part time job.

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