Cohort 21

America Hernandez

I chose to become a GCF member because I was curious about the NYCHA farms and how to be energy efficient, but I’ve learned much more. GCF has been an eye opening experience and I am very much glad I decided to sign up for this program. The most important thing I have learned during my time here at GCF is that I have a voice and it matters. Being in and helping out a community has opened my mind, makes me feel important and like I’m helping out my friends, family, and neighbors. I would like to thank Jelani Dixon, my Service Coordinator at Forest Houses. He has always been a positive role model and I am very thankful for him always wanting the best from me and my Corp Members. Making sure we were ok throughout the day, always helping us out if we had questions, reminding us we can be and do better. Green City Force has been a great experience and this program means a lot to me and I hope to many others. I’ve earned so much more than expected and I’m very grateful for GCF letting me become part of their family.

Graduate Gallery