Cohort 25

Aliyah Patterson

Before joining GCF I worked jobs that were unfulfilling, switched my major a few times, and I started to feel lost. I really wanted to align myself with something more purposeful, something that encouraged my personal wellbeing and benefited the world around me too. I saw a flier in my building last fall, and felt so excited about the opportunity to have a positive impact in my community. I’m happy to have started my journey as an urban farmer where my ancestors lived, and where I grew up, in Canarsie. Hearing the birds chirp, being surrounded by nature, watching crops grow each day, and getting my hands covered in soil became therapeutic for me. It was easy to get lost in the work, especially since it felt purposeful. I’m coming out of my service term with the invaluable skill of growing my own food, and lots of knowledge about urban farming that I can share with my loved ones. Shoutout to my SC Nasyah for her unwavering passion for justice and the tenderness she brought to our farm site each day.

Graduate Gallery