Cohort 17

Torren Dinkins

I chose to join GCF because I wanted to make an impact and show people I’m capable of doing anything I put my mind to. I grew up living isolated in my room for most of my life and rarely went outside. I had friends in school who I would hang out with from time to time and we had bonds but didn’t care to talk about our feelings. We all had a falling out and now no one talks anymore. With GCF I feel like I’ve gotten real bonds with people that will last for a lifetime, we joke but when it comes down to it we work. No matter how much I didn’t feel like working or not coming in to service, I found reasons to come in in my fellow Corps Members because I knew it would never be a dull day. I’m glad I joined GCF, I got great trainings and met even greater people. I would like to thank Carson and Felicia for understanding my situation and not giving up on me and the rest of staff for teaching me new skills and keeping me on the right track.

Graduate Gallery