Cohort 19


If I could describe Green City Force in one word it would be limitless. Before Green City Force I was struggling to find work and it was getting hectic for me because I have a son to support. I just felt as if everything was closing in on me. GCF came in and definitely saved me from making a wrong turn. I really appreciate having the opportunity to be a part of something so important, so powerful. I learned so much about urban agriculture, professionalism, patience, and how to be a stronger and better person for my community. After graduation I hope to secure employment, continue to better and help my community, and start school in the fall. My hope is to have my own branch of businesses in all low income and NYCHA communities. I want to offer so much to my people because the change starts with me. I’m sad GCF is coming to an end but this is also a new start into something so much greater. I came, I saw, and I am still conquering battles but now with a huge support team behind me. Thank you.

Graduate Gallery