Cohort 20

Timothy Green

Before Green City Force I was searching around for a job, jumping from interview to interview and being denied. I honestly started to lose hope and felt like giving up. Even though I had a lot of experiences and was always complimented on my work ethic, I rarely made it past an interview. I have a son and came a long way to graduate high school and find a good job. I moved to Harlem to see if things would change for me and my first day in the building I saw a Green City Force flyer and was able to enroll. Green City Force was a fun experience and an interesting life lesson. I’ve learned how to grow my own food, create energy from solar panels, and we earned different certificates. I had the best chef, Sam, who helped us think about different eating habits and realize how we are being targeted by fast food restaurants in the environments we live in. Green City Force was a blessing for me, I felt welcomed and it made a positive impact in my life. I would highly recommend this program to others.

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