Cohort 20

Taja Williams

During the 8 months I was a part of Green City Force, I have become a better person not only for myself but also for any future career I have yet to pursue. I feel great about everything I did for numerous communities. There are many things GCF has done for me but the biggest accomplishment was opening my eyes to different opportunities and experiences. I’ve learned many lessons, the first one is that having connections is important, especially when it comes to the people you work with. The second lesson is maintaining a professional demeanor is key. At a certain point in anyone’s life having your way or not doing something is unacceptable because we are grown adults. No adult should be acting as a child in a professional world. I want to thank Chef Sam and Chef Sara. They gave me a push into being a food advocate. When I first started as a food advocate It was just me and all the pressure was deep. But when speaking to them, I felt as if I can do what is needed and more. So to Chef Sam & Sara, I thank you.

Graduate Gallery