Cohort 17

Sneel Dilone Reyes

Green City Force has meant a lot to me thus far. It has taught me more than what I expected, and brought me into this green world where I have seen the importance of nature, farming, and giving out vegetables to residents in the NYCHA community. It’s a good feeling. I chose to be a Corps Member because I was sort of lost and stuck in what I was going to do, so I thought Green City Force would bring me into a new world of learning experiences. The most important thing I learned in Green City Force is to keep pushing because everything has results, whether you feel it or not. Working in the field, I saw the importance of being present because missing one or more people can cause stress and add more tasks to do in the field. My plans after GCF are to keep leveling up and use the mentality and strategy team leaders trained me with in service. I want to first thank my family, it brings me peace being around them. Also thanks to some Corps Members for always being there and bringing me joy on a daily basis.

Graduate Gallery