Cohort 20

Sharnae Dubose

I became a Corps Member because I wanted to experience new things. Before GCF I went to college full time and I never took a break, I went to school even during the summers. I burnt out and so decided to take a year off of school and with nothing to do all the time I decided to become a GCF member. GCF has been a place that challenged me and my ability to problem solve and adapt has grown immensely. However, the most important thing I’ve learned here is emotional intelligence. It has become a tool I believe I will use more in life. I would especially like to thank my Service Coordinator Shontanyce for always being patient with me, supporting me, encouraging me and being 100% real with me in every conversation we had. I’d also like to thank the Youth Development Social Worker Felicia for putting together and facilitating these workshops that educated me and also following up with me several times. My time at GCF wouldn’t have been half as enjoyable or productive for my personal growth without her.

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