Cohort 20

Ronaldo Alberts

Green City Force (GCF) was actually my first job since I graduated high school, it was my first introduction into the work field which meant a lot to me. It has shown me how well I’m able to work and adapt to the real world. I became a Corps Member because it was something new and unique that I haven’t seen anyone doing before, so liking to explore I gave it a try. Before this program, I was in high school debating whether or not I wanted to go to college or jump straight into the work field. I rolled the dice and at the end of it, I am proud of my decision. During my time with the program, I had a lot of self-growth realizing my weaknesses, strengths and how to better myself overall as a person. The staff was very helpful with getting us situated with what we’re doing well and what we could do better, also giving us advice that we could use outside of the program and apply to our lives.

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