Cohort 8 Energy Corps

Phoenix Lopez

Phoenix’s Testimony:

My participation in Green City began with a job search. The year before I joined GCF, I found myself having such a hard time finding a job that I gave up. My brother, who was also placed on my GCF team, connected me to GCF. In the information session, I realized this was my second chance to go to college, apply the right way, and I did. To me, GCF means having the commitment to arrive every day, the discipline to arrive early, the drive to push through daily labors and long work days and maintain a consistent professional demeanor. I can say the most important thing I have learned in GCF is to exceed limitations in everything you do, and to let your light shine, inspiring others to do the same. My plan after GCF is to attend college. I’ve been accepted to New York City College of Technology in the computer sciences field.

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