Cohort 24

Mikey Rosa

To me Green City Force meant a duty, a mission I must take on and achieve despite any obstacle or barriers that may get in my way. It’s something I take very seriously because it’s a reflection of me and my life and how much of a true impact I can make. I chose to become a Corps Member because I know I’m a true advocate, I know my true worth and what I’m capable of. I can be strong and resilient and GCF gives me the opportunity to showcase that. Before GCF I was working with BCS (Brooklyn Community Services), they gave me an opportunity to help clean NYC communities and streets. The most important thing I learned from GCF is being focused. It’s so easy to fall and it’s so hard to stand and be for something. I want to thank all of the staff for making this possible and I want to thank my team at Bay View for trying to stick through and pushing through the cohort.

Graduate Gallery