Cohort 20

Michael Kaerse

Green City Force has meant a lot to me, mainly because I’ve formed friendships that have grown deeper than I imagined they would have. I have made a new family and I’m grateful for the program for that. I became a Corps Member for the experience; I had previously seen Green City Force in action at my development but wasn’t sure how to join. Before GCF I was working a part time job as an after school counselor and hated every second of it but stayed to provide for me and my family. The most important thing I learned from GCF was that time doesn’t determine how well someone knows you or how close you are to a person, what matters are the memories and laughs you share together. I would like to thank Shontanyce, Anaya, Solomon, Ronaldo and Shahein for keeping me grounded and making my time at GCF worthwhile.

Graduate Gallery