Cohort 20

Melody White

Becoming a cohort member of Green City Force was definitely a learning experience. Serving in the Forest Houses community was an eye-opener to how much NYCHA residents need to be informed on healthy living and eating choices. I felt empowered because I was educating the community on urban farming and how important it is to compost (I got my mom to start composting!!!). In addition, Green City Force also lead to big networking opportunities. I can remember being in orientation and bootcamp thinking to myself I want to change for the better of not just myself but my children as well. Sticking to that vision of change, I continued to push myself through the challenges that came with being committed to Green City Force. Moving forward, I was very inspired to accomplish my goal of getting my esthetician’s license and enlisting in the U.S. military under the Air Force. These are two very different goals, however becoming a cohort member I felt so much more connected to the earth and I gained more respect for the planet overall. I want to enlist in the Air Force so that I can serve not just my community but the country as a whole. Gaining plant knowledge drove me to attain my esthetician’s license because I want to make my own organic skin products. All in all, being a member of Cohort 20 I was surrounded by nothing but positive, motivated, driven people that I have grown close to. I’m looking forward to seeing what our future holds. I’m also excited to be an alum and someone a Cohort 21 member can talk to.

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