Cohort 21

Matthew Roig

Green City Force was an essential stepping stone to my professional development, life and career goals. I chose to become a Corps Member with GCF because I first saw the impact it left on my brother. After educating myself more of what GCF had to offer I convinced my mom it was my obligation to join. Before GCF, I just graduated high school in Pennsylvania where I was raised. Then, I convinced my mom for months for me to move back to NY where I could pursue my own agenda, seeking to be an AmeriCorps member. I learned so much in my term ranging from farming, land agriculture and energy sustainability. I also learned how to advocate for myself in a professional way and I learned various styles of leadership. I would love to thank my brother for paving the way for myself to become a standout Corps Member. I would like to also thank my Service Coordinator Justin Baker and Hakim Jeffery for the insurmountable approach to leading and teaching and helping grow as an individual. Never can I forget the Mariners Harbor squad.

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