Cohort 20

Marlie Martinez

Before joining the program, I was a bit lost and did not know what my next step would be, only that I wanted to work with agriculture and the community I was raised in. By chance, I came across Green City Force and immediately set out to start the process of becoming a Corps Member. I chose this program because of the vision that I saw and the commitment I made to my community. Everything that GCF has presented to us as part of their mission is important to me too so it was easy to see myself as a part of the team. One of the most important things I learned in life is how to prevail in the face of opposition and that with time, love, care and patience, anything can take root and grow. Thank you to my team at Howard Farm for being so supportive and loving, and to my supervisor Paul, thank you for taking the time to understand and listen to us. To my ancestors and predecessors, this was for you.

Graduate Gallery