Cohort 22

Marc Diaz

What Green City Force means to me is an opportunity to do something for our community. I joined GCF because at the time, the pandemic disrupted the job market. I recently graduated from college and knew I needed some job experience. I was unemployed and a year prior I graduated from Nazareth College. 

I learned a lot during my time at GCF from time management to adaptability and communication. I would say communication is the biggest thing I noticed that I needed to work on. Working with other young individuals communicating is very important because, most of the time, they’ve likely never done any type of the work we were requiring of them. So, trying to break it down and make it simple to where it can be done was key. I would say the cohort had its ups and downs but when it came down to crunch time, a lot of the members stepped up and did what was required of them. I would like to thank all the staff in GCF, Eco-Hub Fellows, and all the members. This was definitely a challenging year from COVID to vaccine mandate. 

Overall, I would say no matter what the challenges were, this was a great learning experience and I would take the skills I learned from my time being an Eco-Hub Fellow to the next opportunity that presents itself.

Graduate Gallery