Cohort 23

Luiggie Tirado

Before coming to GCF I was just a guy who really was finding a way to build up my life after making a lot of mistakes during my past. I wasn’t in a good place at the time and all I did was sit around all day at home doing nothing but playing video games and eating all day. After joining GCF I was able to achieve things I should’ve done after I had graduated high school. I was able to build myself up mentally learning to adapt to better things and accomplish so much during my time in GCF. I thank Jelani for helping me see bigger things and overcome some barriers. I thank Chastity and Nigel for allowing me to have a great bond and connection with them and see that not all people are selfish. Most of all I thank my Team for being part of me and enjoying the time together as a family. I think I learned to really build myself up and made a lot of good friends and met many people who enjoy my personality. I thank GCF along with everyone around me for allowing me to build and maintain a proper mindset after being in this program. Thank you for having me in GCF.

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