Cohort 19


During my time with Green City Force I practiced a lifestyle I’ve only heard of, I invested my time and began to enjoy what I was learning. Creating life became very fascinating for me and in many ways also was therapeutic. My brother was in the Cohort before me and he was excelling wonderfully while I was stuck trying to get jobs on online apps. I was unhappy and desperate, so I decided to join as well. It was actually the last day to apply so I’m grateful that I made up my mind at the right time. As I was going to the GCF space for my interviews, I had my fingers crossed the whole time hoping they had seen what I had to bring to the table. My Team Leader Precious Colon really pushed me, she understood me, and is someone I looked up to. She is strong and I wanted to be on her team so bad because I loved how hard she was on me. At the time I appreciated how much she believed in me and I wanted to be coached . She helped me with my time management and gave me examples on how I should portray myself because I was isolated and quiet. Now that I am out of my shell I gained my OSHA-10, GPRO certification, and the knowledge I need to have to continue in agriculture. I want to continue to work on plant life and grow with learning. I hope one day to have my own house and garden to continue giving back to my community. I hope to continue the practice of unity for everyone else who is lost.

Graduate Gallery