Cohort 20

Liana Castillo

GCF meant that I was a part of a community of people who have my best interest in mind, while creating a positive impact in the lives of others. I chose to become a Corps Member because I noticed many of GCF’s core values aligned with mine. Being a Corps Member allowed me to serve my community through youth development and food justice. Before GCF I was going to college to study studio arts. I began to lack direction in life., and struggled to stay current. I was at the point where I was searching for my passion. The most important thing I learned during my time with GCF is to have a sense of humor. Living in NYC can be a little bit stressful. I have a better attitude and a sense of humor. I’d like to thank my mentors for their guidance and understanding. My support system for reminding me that my service is greater than myself.

Graduate Gallery