Cohort 20

Julian Padilla

I act as one of four garden supervisors in Patterson as part of the Mayor’s Action Plan team, acting as the youngest supervisor in my development. Before I started Green City Force, I saw myself as someone with little motivation. There was so much happening in my personal life, which included dealing with mental and physical health that greatly affected my body. Sometimes I would break out so bad that I couldn’t even be able to walk without feeling pain. As a result, I had to find ways to deal with my problems by finding motivation as well as performing lots of self-care. I do this to make sure I am able to perform efficiently. Compared to how I was before the program, my body is performing a lot better than before. If there’s anything that this program did for me is grant me the ability to give me a healthier lifestyle. The next goal for me is to continue self-care and find more ways to keep myself active and healthy.

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