Cohort 23

Jose Ocasio

Green City Force to me means coming together to make a change, not just for the community, but for our environment. I chose to become a Corps Member when I heard how the program can help me develop new skills in different fields of work as well as helping gain certain certifications and training. I’m grateful for GCF because before I joined the program I was working maintenance trying to gain more experience in the field as well as staying focused and content at one job for a long duration of time. I’ve learned many things from GCF such as agriculture and energy audits but most importantly to me was learning how to stay strong, focused and show perseverance even through the hardest of times. I want to thank Staff Members Giselle and Shontanyce for helping me with advice and guiding me through a rough day as well as helping with my career choices. I want to give my thanks to Eco-Hub Fellows Gaby, Keema and Service Coordinator Jawann for showing me how to work most efficiently and to the best of my ability. Last but not least, I would like to give my thanks to my amazing new friends Milanii, Zuri and Kayla because without them being by my side through this service term, I’m not sure if I’d even continue to get through a work week.

Graduate Gallery