Cohort 20

Johan Ortiz

Green City Force was an amazing experience because not only do I get out more often but I
also help out the community within the New York City Housing Authority and having a positive
outlook. Green City Force pushed me into a more positive route on personal development and
working towards my future. The reason why I joined GCF is that I want to work towards my future instead of waiting too late therefore the choices in life will be made for me. Before I joined GCF I was trying my best to get any job interview and nothing was going my way, once I joined this program, I’ve been exposed to many fields. I highly recommend this program to anyone who doesn’t know what their next steps are, especially if you don’t know what to do as a career, GCF will expose you to many great opportunities. I definitely see the growth I’ve made compared to when I first started Green City Force. Lastly, I would like to thank my supervisor for teaching me valuable skills that will help me in the work field.

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