Cohort 15

Jahi Johnson

Green City Force taught me a lot about the environment that I didn’t know prior to GCF. I hope to take the knowledge that GCF has given me and use it in my everyday life, such as growing my own food, using less energy, and saving energy. I found out about GCF through the Resident Economic Empowerment and Sustainability program at NYCHA. Even though it was with kids from Brooklyn and Queens, I was glad that I got in. At orientation I was proud to be one of the people that they chose. I want to give big shout-outs to my Team Leader, Precious, and Rosalba because I know some days I came in too uppity, and some days not too hype. I appreciate them always working with me. I want to also thank all the staff. Even though we don’t work with everybody, I know that they are all working to help us on our future. Shout-outs to my fellow Corps Members: it was cool serving with you all and I hope that you all find something that you like, stick with it, and have all of the success.

Graduate Gallery