Cohort 8 Energy Corps

Franklin Knight

Franklin’s Testimonial:

As a Corps Member at Green City Force, I feel that the organization has been a great platform to help give me the chance to grasp my dreams with the proper tool kit and skill set. I find this pretty epic because my original intent was to get a feel of the program, but mostly earn the educational award offered so I could continue to pursue my education. Prior to GCF, I was working a retail job at the Gap, which I felt was only giving me a loop of the same tasks, with no room for growth, and certainly no opportunity to contribute socially to the world and the environment. I can honestly say that most of the job skills I have today, I gained during my time spent with GCF. Now I am actually on the path of taking the world by storm by continuing my education, pursuing a career in the clean energy sector, while continuing a career in music. I thank all of the GCF staff members, and those from Green City Academy in particular, for sacrificing constant hours of their own time to make sure our lives were better directed. Thank you again Green City Force!

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