Cohort 19


My time serving at Green City Force was an eye opening experience. If someone told me I was going to serve on a farm four months prior to my term in GCF I would not have believed it. I’ve learned numerous skills that will help me in the workforce and in life. The work we accomplished did not only help us, but also helps the community. We learned how to grow our own food and what is healthy, and how to cook it applying it to our meals. GCF helped us obtain many significant certifications, for example our OSHA-10 and GPRO. Before GCF I did not really know what I wanted to do in college and in life. Joining GCF helped me get a clearer vision on what is the path I want to follow. Thanks to Aram and Stephanie I learned to be straightforward and to the point while writing my resume. Precious, Rosalba, Erin, Wesley, and many others helped me be more professional.

Graduate Gallery