Cohort 5

Deshaun Smith

Before I came to Green City Force, I was thinking about joining a job corp. I really didn’t know what I wanted to do in life, so I figured I would go to the job corps, and take up culinary arts. This program made me a better person in so many ways; my maturity and professionalism have grown tremendously. The team leaders push you to your limit here. At first, it may seem they out to get you, but I realize they challenge you with the best interest of their heart. We are a family here at Green City Force. GCF staff truly turn boys into men the correct way. I had my moments where i wanted to leave this program and just find a construction job. I thought this program wasn’t for me. Then, towards November, I finally understood why they were doing what they were doing. The Team Leaders, Kenta, Lawrence, Elliezer, and Oronde were hard on us to make us stronger and get us out your comfort zone. If you want to become successful you will have to leave your comfort zone. Green City Force connected us with people from various expertises and broadened our networks. Several individuals we met gave us feedback, which I have taken to heart. Making these changes was not easy, but I had the strict guidelines of GCF to help me maintain my progress.

Graduate Gallery