Cohort 23

Davonte Crosson

Today is a special day for Cohort 23 as we made it to graduation! Green City Force was an experience I never thought I needed, but it taught me how to be more accountable about my actions, be more punctual and stay sustainable with my demeanor at a workplace. I chose to become a Corps Member because I didn’t have any options going my way and I needed to get the experience of being in a different environment. Being in Green City Force I learned two important things: one will always stick in my mind is to chase your dreams and don’t watch others; the second thing will have to be punctuality plays a big role in staying reliable to yourself and the team you’re working with. I would love to thank Justin, Hakim, Giselle and Steve for helping me move forward in my career. I would love to thank three Eco-Hub Fellows who stood by my side since I met them and we fully connected – Jakeema, Chas, and Kawon.

Graduate Gallery