Cohort 9

Daron Mitchell

I was born and raised in East Harlem. Before Green City Force, I was looking for jobs and not having any luck until I heard about GCF within a NYCHA housing development. I felt this was a big opportunity for me to better myself and learn new things that I never knew before. During the process of joining, I thought I did not make it because they were taking a while to get back to me. Thankfully they saw something in me and accepted me into the GCF program. During my time in GCF, I learned more about the world and why going green is very important for the entire population. I was able to make the homes of others more energy efficient and educate them on why we are providing this service. I would like to thank GCF for giving me the chance to make people more energy efficient in their homes and preparing me with skills that will benefit me in the long run. I also would like to thank GCF for keeping me occupied because I could have been doing things that are not beneficial. I will never forget the ways GCF staff helped me better myself and I will always come to GCF for any help I may need. Thank you for believing in me.

Graduate Gallery