Cohort 19


Before I came to Green City Force I was placed with an agency that is called Greenburgh Graham. I was working in a cafeteria, preparing foods for middle school and high school kids and delivering food to cottages for the ones that stayed on campus. I also did a little maintenance there just because I had the experience. While I was working part-time, I also attended a pipeline program class to be a Certified Nursing Assistant. After I graduated, my best friend was telling me about GCF and how he thinks it would really help me in my ways and help me change. I came to the interview and ever since I did that my life has completely changed. I see myself changing in a better way, I’ve learned so much during these past four months but one thing I thought that I would never be is the one farming and look at me now. I’m doing this with no attitude, no problem, now just with straight grit. I’ve also been getting a lot of knowledge and certificates.

Graduate Gallery