Cohort 19


I enjoyed being so immersed in my experience at Green City Force. Moreover, I really was astounded by the amount and quality of knowledge given to me. Before I applied to GCF, I considered myself lost in the wind with temporary dreams and ambitions. I remember a friend of my mother’s giving me a flyer to try it out.  Fortunately, I got the call back and got to meet the most amazing group of people I surrounded myself with. I got to learn, struggle and overcome with my fellow Corps Members as I got the know them. My Team Leader Rosalba had an impact on me since I first entered the office. She was the first person I had a conversation with and I told her immediately what I was interested in. I’d very much like to thank her for her high level of emotional intelligence and helpful nature. Additionally, I have to thank Jen for giving me this otherworldly opportunity, I can no longer give words to express how much I loved the experience. The only thing I wish for is for a longer service term to master my skills and be more attuned with nature.

Graduate Gallery