Cohort 20

Anthony Lebron

Green City Force was such a great experience for me to be a part of, and because of that, it opened vast opportunities within the green environment. Before I found Green City Force I had trouble finding myself in life and what I wanted to do. I had no sense of direction. As someone who grew up in NYCHA developments for most of their lives, I felt that I didn’t have many options but I knew that I had the capability to do better for myself and those I love. I chose to join GCF to seek out self-improvement. Throughout my journey, I realized that I wasn’t alone, that many young adults were in the same situation that I’m in and I’ve built many relationships with fellow Corps Members and staff. I’ve also learned that stepping outside your comfort zone is very important in taking steps towards your goals and meeting expectations, and because of that I found that I want to pursue a career in the Solar PV field. I’d like to thank my team at Mariners Harbor for making my service term a life-changing experience and all the staff for helping me reach that next step of life.

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