Cohort 20

Anisa McMillian

Before Green City Force I sat at home thinking about opportunities I wish I had. Eventually, I got comfortable in my own bubble. I knew a little about the program but I didn’t know how much opportunity would be available. Once I found out more about how much I could gain here, I knew it would be a good thing for me. The most important thing I’ve learned is perseverance. I have come into service and performed with injuries and personal issues. If anyone told me I’d get through so many obstacles and still make it into service, I wouldn’t have believed it. The first time I wore my uniform, I walked with a sense of purpose and I realized how important being a Corps Member was to me. Therefore, Green City Force has meant purpose. Special thanks to my family and staff (especially Hakim, Sam, Aram, Stephanie, and Makeena) for supporting me. To Marlíe, Sharnae, Melody, Zaya, Niasia, Nancy, Anthony, Johan, Alex, Devante, Zach, Shahein, Nana, Taylor, Liana, and Taja for always being nice, saying hi, and always making me laugh somehow. I appreciate you all! Cohort 20, lead the way!

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