Cohort 20

Roman Martin

I became a GCF service member because my current and past bosses thought it was a good opportunity for me to try out and that it would open a lot of doors for me in different areas of work. So I decided to take the chance. Before the program, I was a chef assistant for a program called the Sylvia Center and my work site was in the West Brighton community center. I helped teach healthy eating cooking classes to elementary school (2-3, 4-5 grade) kids and teens. This was a very cool experience because I learned a lot also. I have learned some really important things during my time in GCF such as how to properly cultivate and seed farm beds & build trellises for other plants when they get too big to support themselves. I also learned how to install solar panels and the wiring for them which was not only important but super cool. And the same goes for building the water catchment system that is on the containers.

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