Cohort 20

A. Stone Bailey

Green City Force was a great experience for my personal growth. I came from a toxic household where I was not able to properly express my feelings or needs as a child. During GCF I was able to tap into my emotional level of communication to overcome certain barriers I came across. I was in the shelter for about a year so it felt like I found GCF for a reason.

I am now able to comfortably pick up and utilize new skills without feeling the spirit of discouragement. The versatile opportunities and people are really a breath of fresh air that i needed. However I wish I hadn’t let my past slightly hinder greatexperiences such as GCF, but that only pushes me to do even better than the person i was last year. I hope to share my growth and new perceptions with GCF in the future .

All I can say is I’m glad I broke out of my comfort zone and you must always remember that we are here to grow and create not to merely survive.

Graduate Gallery