Alumni Profile of the Month: Kawon Veazy

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icon-clock March 24, 2023

Know your worth! You are a star and what you bring to service is something unique that no one else can duplicate. Don’t let anyone tell you different.”

Kawon Veazy

Graduated: 2022, Cohort 22

From: Sumner Houses, Brooklyn

Current Position: Community Engagement Liaison, Toro Construction Services

Toro Construction Services is a New York based independent MWBE (Minority Women Business Enterprise) firm providing logistical services for large scale construction projects. We specialize in empowering our partners with processes and people that drive successful projects and fulfill State & Federal DEI, Section 3 and Union compliance, procedures and protocols.


Tell us about your current role.

Currently I am working for Toro Constructions Services focused on my dream career path, community outreach. I’m working closely in NYCHA developments Cooper Houses and Roosevelt Houses in Brooklyn where I continue my passion of getting to know the community and their needs to provide the best possible services to them.

I serve as a direct source for NYCHA residents to voice their ups and downs to, and I communicate those needs and some solutions to project managers to fix them.”


What does your typical workday look like?

“Creating content for our company social media, managing/creating events for communities, and talking to residents, as well as community engagement activities including resident notifications, record keeping, and photography; and administrative requirements including digital upload and physical filing of time sheets, sub-contractor logs, and safety requirements.”


How has your GCF experience helped you? 

“GCF helped me with being able to travel anywhere at any time which I do a lot of in my current role. They also really helped me with gaining a network of connections to further my career including my amazing boss Pat Toro!”

About Kawon’s career pathway:

After serving in Cohort 22 as a Corps Member, Kawon became an Eco-Hub Fellow for Cohorts 23 and 24, where he took on a leadership role and built his community engagement skills further while striving to make a name for himself as an out Black Gay Farmer.

Before his time with GCF, Kawon interned with The Green Team School for Cooperative Technical Education, St. Nicks Alliance and The New York City Council. “Working as an intern for Former Majority Leader of New York City Council Laurie Cumbo [also] helped me prepare [for my current role] by collecting information about issues low-income communities face on a day to day basis and how we can fix them.”


What advice do you have for current Corps Members and other Alumni?

“Know your worth! You are a star and what you bring to service is something unique that no one else can duplicate. Don’t let anyone tell you different.”


Achievements at GCF:

What’s your favorite GCF memory?

“Watching my first team graduate! – Kalia Mackie, Xavier Beard & Katurah Bryant walk down the aisle to get their diplomas!”



“I chose to become a Corps Member to expand my skill palette in different areas of life. I learned a lot about agriculture and construction from my time here at GCF so I’d say I was successful in my goal. My biggest takeaway from this program was the little family I built at GCF – Janise, Kay, Tamera, Noshka, Don, and Keiasia.  We truly helped each other throughout this whole thing and I am forever grateful for them! And forever excited to know where their journey will go from here.”



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