Call to Action: Get Counted NYC!

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icon-clock August 11, 2020

Words from Joshua Owens, GCF’s Social Enterprise Project Manager:


Why is the 2020 Census important? 

To ensure New Yorkers get an equal share of federal funding towards the resources most people need daily. To make sure we have fair political representation. To ensure the city continues to get the repairs needed. In order to get this done all New Yorkers must be counted. 


Why is the census so important to you?

I understand the need for additional help when you’re dealing with hardship. I’ve dealt with it first hand. I’ve lived through hard times. I’ve lived through good times. When you’re struggling to make ends meet. It can be difficult, overwhelming, problematic. Just knowing there are families who can’t afford healthcare for their sick children! Families who can’t feed their kids without SNAP! An increased lack of resources in our public schools!


These many reasons make the count so significant. These resources are needed. We encourage everyone to act and complete your census, there is still time left! Help your city move forward.