Friends Seminary Youth Represents GCF

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icon-clock June 16, 2020

A group of high school students at Friends Seminary recently completed a project for the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) at their school. YPI is a part of an international effort to connect youth to the philanthropic sector. Green City Force was honored to have been chosen by this group of young people as a case study to help the students understand and learn more about social issues. Ahron, Bella, Ruby and Amirah visited GCF in early February to talk to both staff members and Corps Members about the mission and successes of the organization.

The team then created a presentation on GCF to present to the YPI board for three main purposes:

1) to advocate for the important social issues Green City Force addresses;

2) to learn more about our nonprofit organization’s goals, challenges and hopes so we can show others the impact that it is having in the community and how they can support the organization; and

3) to try to win a grant for the nonprofit organization in a friendly competition at their school.

We are so happy to announce that the group came in second place and awarded Green City Force with a $1,000 grant! We would like to take a moment to thank the students at Friends Seminary for their time and dedication to our cause, we hope to see young leaders such as Ahron, Bella, Ruby and Amirah leading the way towards a greener and more just future!