GCF’s Response to COVID-19

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icon-clock March 19, 2020

Dear Green City Force community,

In light of the on-going response to COVID19, and to ensure the health and safety of our staff, alumni, partners and the people whom we serve as participants and clients, Green City Force is closing our office and pausing in-person programming from March 13 until further notice. During this time our staff will work remotely and keep our regular business hours and will be reachable on phone and email. We will continue to monitor this developing situation and adjust as needed to maintain as much continuity as possible.

GCF has always been known for innovation on our path to fulfill our mission. We’re committed to safe, healthy NYCHA communities, the places we steward and our alumni community, partnering with our community of young leaders in NYCHA to come up with solutions and to carry out our mission in a thoughtful and strategic way, adapting to the constraints of safety in an evolving situation.

In the coming weeks, we will be working to adapt and where necessary, reimagine our programs, engaging the creativity of our community. Frontline leadership and community engagement have always been core to our program designs and will continue to be.

We will not let the virus disrupt our effort to provide economic opportunity and support to our Corps Members and alumni and improve the sustainability and health of the NYCHA residents and communities we serve. Do you have an idea for how GCF can help at this time? We welcome input from our allies and stakeholders and especially want to hear from our alumni. We will be reaching out to alumni via email, social media, and other means to assess needs and potential areas for support. We are adapting our alumni services programming to be as responsive as possible to ongoing work-related challenges that alumni may be facing during these times.

For additional information on COVID19, please see the following sites:

Please take care, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

In service,