Uniform Ceremony Message from Lisbeth Shepherd

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icon-clock September 5, 2019

Congratulations to our newest members on earning your uniforms!

The newest Cohort 20 Corps Members earned their uniforms on August 30th, 2019

When I was younger, I rejected the idea of uniforms. As a creative person, anything that suggested sameness rubbed me the wrong way. Each person is different and there is no uniformity in nature, after all.

Today the GCF uniform is my most cherished clothing. Because it binds me to all of you. To all of our alumni who have worn the GCF colors. To our staff. To what we represent. To the commitment we have made together to work for social, economic and environmental justice. The commitment to choose love over hate. To action. Alone, I am one person.
Together, we are a movement and we are a force.

Now you are the faces of Green City Force. You represent all of us – present, past and especially future. By your choices and actions, you set the bar for who we are. I applaud the accomplishments that got you to this point and can’t wait to see and hear where you lead us forward.

Thank you for your service!
Lisbeth Shepherd, GCF Founder and Executive Director