Happy Climate Week from Cohort 20!

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icon-clock September 27, 2019

Happy Climate Week 2019!


This week is more important than ever as national conversations shift towards prioritizing our planet’s health, driven by the courage, hard work and leadership of young people. Our Service Corps Members are a force in the community and are making climate action a reality by working towards the goals of environmental justice and equality on a daily basis. This year alone, Corps Members have distributed over 30,000 lbs of organic produce and reached over 4,000 community members with education on recycling, compost and other sustainable practices.

We asked Cohort 20 members what Climate Week and a sustainable future means to them. Here’s what they have to say:

“The future sustainable planet for me would be a planet where everyone agrees to tackle our climate issues TOGETHER. We wouldn’t waste our natural resources, we wouldn’t continue burning fossil fuels without truly understanding what that’s doing to us and our future generations. I believe a sustainable planet could be even more beautiful than we think, I think with technology and an infinite amount of knowledge at our fingertips a sustainable planet isn’t that far off, we just need to educate people and hopefully get them to change their ways!”

– Anisa McMillan


“To me, Climate Week means having a future where I’m able to survive and thrive in my own community, where my race and economic status do not determine if I’m able to survive in the environment. Future sustainability isn’t just electric cars and buses. It’s a constant conversation on community divide, and ways to unite our communities and take them back, the foods we eat, the businesses we spend our dollars on, and our ability to feel as if we can thrive and be a part of the conversation, no matter where you come from.”

– Nana Alexander


“Climate Week, in my opinion, is when people who care about the planet protest and/or persuade others to change in their lifestyles that will better the Earth. A future sustainable planet is when all the people of the Earth work together as a whole to keep the Earth healthy. People will be conservative and use resources wisely to get to where they need to be for that day while saving lots of Earth’s resources for future generations. A sustainable planet is a cycle of caring people working together every day to make Earth a better and healthier place.”

– Johan Ortiz

“Climate Week is much more than a bunch of events spread over the course of seven days to bring awareness about our planet’s Climate issues. This is our moment for like-minded individuals to interact, share ideas, and network to ultimately create unification with people across the world. It may not lead to any sudden acts but it will invite conversation, persuasion, and slowly but surely the change needed for the earth.
As for my outlook for what the future sustainable planet looks like, it’s simple really. It’s a balanced healthy ecosystem where both Nature and Humans can live in harmony.”

– Anthony Lebron

“Climate Week is a time of unification. We the people are allowed to take a stand by sharing numerous ways we can save the planet from global warming.
With the growing number of events hosted by members of the UN as well as the people attending these events, our future sustainable planet will be vibrant, and plentiful. Last year there were 150 events held in honor of climate week. However, this year there will be more than 150 events held this year. We have mastered the art of communication and will continue to fight global warming.”

– Niasia Kincy


What does Climate Week mean to you?