The Power of Love

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icon-clock February 14, 2019

Everything we do and care about at Green City Force is based on the Power of Love and the Pillars of Service, Training, Sustainability and Justice.

Here are some thoughts about love and service from members of Cohort 18.

“Living in NYCHA has helped me look at where I’m from on a much larger scale. I understand and advocate more about why service not only helps low-income residents, but everyone in the City, with fresh produce, recycling, and sustainability. I love being a leader in my NYCHA community because making a difference is not only for me to enjoy and create but for the next generation to do an even more efficient job than me.”

– Delvis Garcia

“The things I love the most about my service term are the people I met and the experiences, skills, and certifications that I earned over the course of my four months here. I honestly feel that GCF has helped me become more sustainable as they have added more footing in my resume and work experiences arsenal and gave me the experience that qualifies me for more jobs and industries.”

– Juan Santiago

“I love GCF because it helped me to structure my life in the path of greatness by teaching me interview skills, urban agriculture skills, interpersonal skills, and leadership skills. The thing I love most about my service is giving back to my community.”

– Hakeem Gill

“I love being a leader in my NYCHA community because it allows me to guide the youth to positive beginnings.”

– Akira Rogers

“What I love about my GCF service is that it has given me the opportunity to reach out to my community and educate the population about sustainability and self-sufficiency, all while learning and getting certified in the skills that will allow me to break into and grow with a career that benefits the world.”

– Matthew Lisbon

To all of our GCF loved ones, in celebration of you and whoever else you love. Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day. We love you back.