Corps Members Reflect on MLK Day

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icon-clock January 21, 2019

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is an important memorial at Green City Force. Two of our four organizational pillars, “Service” and “Justice,” are hallmarks of Dr. King’s legacy. Our Corps Members, alumni and staff serve NYCHA communities every day to embody MLK’s commitment to economic, social and racial justice, building on Dr. King’s values with the addition of our other two pillars, “Training” and “Sustainability.”
We asked Cohort 17 and 18 Members to reflect on what service means to them, MLK Day, and Dr. King’s legacy. Here’s what they have to say:

To me, service means helping provide for your community, helping empower the youth, and being a role model to peers.

Lisa Kelly, Cohort 17


MLK day means just getting to know more people and helping people that want to get help, but more so, just getting along with everyone and making the world a better place.

Donnell Moses, Cohort 17


MLK day is a day of reflection on what I need to be doing, so that the legacy of Dr. King doesn’t die. It’s a time to acknowledge how far we came and the work we still have left.


Kayla Trammell, Cohort 18


Service means the ability to help people in a way that only I know how. Selfless help; helping people and not expecting anything in return.


Torren Dinkins, Cohort 17


To me, service means improvement and helping. You are growing in a lot of different ways, and the impact shows through the people and communities you serve.


Kyara Grant, Cohort 17

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