In solidarity with residents of Maui

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icon-clock August 18, 2023

Dear GCF Community,

From the devastating wildfires and other natural disasters this year ranging from California to Texas, to the smoke from Canadian fires that reached our own communities, to the most recent destruction on Maui, it’s undeniable that the climate crisis hurts frontline communities. By now, many know that the wildfires on Maui are the deadliest in the US in over a century, exacerbated by drought, hurricane winds and compounding strain on local resources from the impacts of over-tourism and colonialism. Our minds and hearts go out to the victims and those facing displacement, loss and the myriad aggravated conditions that the climate crisis has unleashed upon so many.

Yes, wildfires, as well as flooding, extreme heat and other environmental hazards, are increasingly becoming more intense, frequent and widespread with the extreme weather and vulnerable conditions sparked by our warming world. Yet, GCF and many other The Corps Network (TCN) partners are on the ground across the country helping not only to bring awareness to the root causes of these crises, but also to work in community with those most affected to mitigate worsening effects and build back strong together.

Over 40 of our peer TCN member corps like the California Conservation Corps (CCC) Women’s Fire Crew and Kupu ‘Āina Corps / Hawai’i Youth Conservation Corps, who have been focused on fire mitigation and fuel reduction for years, continue to lead the way in recovery, adaptation and resilience.

Ways to support impacted Hawai’ian communities:

In service and solidarity,


Credit: CCC Women’s Fire Crew