Each One, Teach One Virtual Gallery

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icon-clock February 22, 2021

Green City Force introduced the “Each One, Teach One” project on Juneteenth 2020 and has continued the project throughout the year. The phrase “Each One, Teach One” is an African proverb that originated in the United States during the height of slavery when Africans were denied an education. When someone learned how to read or write, it became their responsibility to teach others to spread knowledge for the betterment of the community. Led by our Service Coordinators Justin Baker and Precious Colon, the garden beds at the Eco-Hub sites were renamed in honor of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) heroes and leaders that have supported the movement of equity & inclusion in environmental, social, and food justice movements.

This small act of reverence is engaging and inspiring the communities in learning about the leaders and indigenous land while providing space for folks to reclaim their history and be connected to the land that we serve in a deeper way. All staff were invited to submit diverse BIPOC leaders that include local heroes, ancestral heroes, folks who lost their lives to police brutality, and others they believed have created change that they would like to be honored.

All the BIPOC leaders are currently on display at the Eco-Hub sites but we wanted to bring the gallery to you! We invite you to learn about these individuals that have changed our world.