2023: A Year For The Books!

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icon-clock December 14, 2023

Dear GCF Community,

2023 has been a year for the books! Here’s what your support has helped us achieve:

  • In January 2023, Cohort 24 helped to complete the first build phase of GCF’s sixth overall, and inaugural Queens, Eco-Hub at Astoria Houses, positioning GCF to expand from six to ten Eco-Hubs across all NYC boroughs by the end of 2025. 
  • In 2023, Corps Members (CMs) and Eco-Hub Fellows (EHFs):
    • Grew and distributed a total of 22,000+ pounds of organic produce to NYCHA residents across all six Eco-Hubs.
    • Helped process over 90,000 lbs of organic waste into compost across all six Eco-Hubs and engaged over 4,300 NYCHA residents and other visitors in a variety of health and sustainability activities. 
    • Hosted nearly 170 events including farm stands, cooking demos, and seasonal celebrations at all six of our Eco-Hubs to educate and engage residents in our work – Harvest Fests in the fall, Earth Day celebrations in the spring, and Juneteenth events to kick off the farmstand season. 
  • The official Astoria site opening coincided with our annual Earth Week activities, an opportunity to be in community with over 150 residents as well as NYCHA’s Director of Health Initiatives, the NYC Mayor’s Office of Urban Agriculture Director and NY State Senator Kristen Gonzalez.
  • We engaged a total of 162 young adults across Cohorts 24, 25 and our current Cohort 26.
  • We have maintained an 80% placement rate for members six months post-grad in jobs/continued education.
  • We expanded our eligibility for our Service Corps program to include residents of other forms of public and low-income housing–facilitating the ability of more young adults to benefit from our green workforce development program.

2023 has been a stepping stone for us as we embark on our expansion plans. Thank you for supporting our work to uplift the most affected young adults on the frontlines of the climate crisis.

Looking Ahead

Our accomplishments in 2023 are a testament to our audacious optimism, and it would not have been possible without you. We look to build on our momentum, tackle new challenges and reach new heights together in 2024. Make a one-time or monthly donation to support our growing work. 

Your gift will allow us to engage new communities, uplift even more young adults, and instill informed and intentional connection around climate, health and equity. With your help, we will drive an inclusive economy, model a national Civilian Climate Corps for environmental justice, and lead a more resilient, healthier NYC.

Any contribution you can make to support our multi-year growth will help us get one step closer to realizing our inclusive, equitable #futuregreencity – powered by the potential, creativity and grit of our young people.  If you’re not in a place to donate but would still like to support, share our work with a friend!

On behalf of everyone here at GCF, thank you for being a partner in bringing our mission alive. 

We are truly a movement. We are the Force!

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, warm and restful holiday season,

Green City Force