GCF Celebrates Women’s History Month, National Nutrition Month and Social Work Month!

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icon-clock March 30, 2023

Dear GCF Community,

Did you know that March is Women’s History Month, National Nutrition Month and National Social Work Month? We couldn’t pass up the chance to celebrate all three since each element carries a special meaning for our work! As a women-led organization (and with women-led service and support services teams), we are proud to honor the many incredible females at GCF and beyond making history everyday – across intersecting areas of gender, food, health, economic, racial and environmental justice – who are standing on the shoulders of those who came before and leading the way forward in equity and community empowerment.

We’re also proud to share some inspirational reflections by our current Corps Members of Cohort 25 who just earned their official GCF AmeriCorps uniforms last week and joined the GCF family!

  • Amoria Berger – “I’d like to share that us women are powerful beings who can bring life into this world and do just as good of a job as a man can. Madam C.J. [Walker] was the first black millionaire. Michelle Obama was the first black First Lady. We gained our right to vote in the 1920s and will continue to make our voices heard as a collective and as individuals. I’m a proud strong black woman and I’m a part of history!!!!!!!!!
  • Chad Woods – “Being a part of GCF has drastically changed my view on nutrition and I’ve learned a lot about taking care of the environment and my body.
  • CP – “Give the equality women deserve! It’s not fair – society is harder on them.”
  • Niles Gray – “Women’s History Month is very important to me. Being raised by a single mother, she taught me the importance of being a helping person in not only my community, but everywhere I go. It’s an honor to have the chance of learning the history of the women who fought for my freedom and education in the past. I’m blessed to learn the values of life and how to contribute from the old and young leaders of women we have today. Being a part of GCF now helps me be inspired and look forward to the new voices that have yet to tell their stories.

We certainly look forward to continue hearing the new voices and stories of our growing, powerful GCF community and collectively writing history to achieve social justice – starting with our “future green city”!

In service and solidarity,

The GCF team